Open for Business: Bible Cover Pattern Now Available

My Etsy store is now open! My first sewing pattern for sale – A More Organized Sunday Morning: Cross Bible or Book Cover – is available for an introductory price. This is the long-awaited pattern I promised to have available by April. (I barely made the deadline.)

more organized Bible cover pattern booklet front

It was designed around the cover I made for my husband several years ago. Now, you can make one of your own.

I can’t say it’s a simple pattern. It requires intermediate to advanced sewing skills.

I tried to create a pattern that would give the consumer a cover almost identical to the original – even if your Bible isn’t the same size. I also included two different models. The DLX Model has features to help you stay orginized.

more organized cover pattern DLX model overview

The Sport Model is more streamlined but just as stylish.

more organized cover pattern Sport model overview

And, just like the original, you can upcycle a pair of old jeans or khakis. I’m looking forward to feedback from those who give it a try! :)



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