I’m Back … With a Puppy

… a puppy quilt that is. My little two-bedroom apartment barely affords enough room for the two humans that live here, let alone a puppy. Besides, it’s against the rules.

My sister has the room though, and her two boxers love it. Until now they were her babies. And yes, my mom has a bumper sticker that says “I love my granddogs.” However, things have changed in their neck of the woods.They recently got a new playmate when my sister and her husband welcomed their first child (without four paws that is). I can just hear it now: “what are you three doing?” as my sister stares down at two wagging tails and one giggling toddler.

It seemed only fitting to welcome this new little one – with whom I’m totally smitten – with a baby quilt featuring an adventurous puppy. A Lil’ Rascals print from Moda fit the bill nicely. I used a pattern from the book 24-Hour Baby Quilts for the design.

close-up of puppy baby quilt

overview of puppy baby quilt

Here are some close-ups of the squares.







I put a pocket on the back so it could be hung or cuddled with.

pocket view


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